Festival - BlenheimFest 2017. The day we entered a Parallel Universe full of Music and Camping

Location: BlenheimFest 2017 - Blenheim Music and Camping Festival, Clare Valley, South Australia.

The day we entered a paralell universe and camped under the moon....

BlenheimFest was absolutely incredible! When we rolled up we were blown away, not just by the peaceful landscape but by the casual and welcoming crowd.

This was a truly special festival, raising money for charity, everyone came together with love for a massive camping party. Live music, good food, teepees, skate parks and live art happening all over the place, everywhere we looked we were fascinated. 

We bumped up our gypsy flower crown tent right next to the artist stage so spent most of our time scratching our heads as weird characters wandered passed. One has a mop as a head and another about 100 sponges attached to his body as a funky festival skirt. With the gorgeous girls from Free The Gypsy beside us, Sea Shepherd and Henna Me Emily we had an absolute ball!  

We are so utterly grateful that we stumbled upon this not so little gem so THANK YOU to the amazing BlenheimFest crew for having us!!

It was a weekend we will never forget and we cant wait until BlenheimFest 2018!!! 💖

 Flower Crown Fal and the ADELAIDEUP crew x

Photography: Lower quality images in the below gallery taken quickly by us. Incredible Yewth photos taken by Georgia Matthews. Review and full gallery: http://bit.ly/2nUc3nw.